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Occupational Therapy Services

Promoting Independence is our Business

Our Services

Brighton Able offer independent occupational therapy services. We cover East and West Sussex and the South East. We accept referrals from individuals, families, organisations, Housing Associations, Charities, Businesses, Case Management Companies, Care Homes, Home Improvement Agencies.

Most of our work is with individuals, who may self refer, or be referred by their family or an organisation on their behalf. However we do offer other specific services to organisations, such as Access Audits, Workstation assessments, and Care Standard 22 assessments.

How We Can Help

Individuals and their families : Are you struggling to manage day to day activities to maintain your independence? Do you identify with some of the reasons for choosing Brighton Able. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we may be able to help.

Case Management Companies : We have experience of working for a number of case management companies, and can provide an assessment of physical, mental health and cognitive needs. Following this, we can carry out further specialist assessment e.g Workplace assessments, or seating assessments if required. We can also provide a programme of rehabilitation for your clients if appropriate.

Charities and Benevolent organisations : We have worked for several charities to identify equipment and adaptation needs for their beneficiaries.

Housing Associations/Registered Social Landlords : We can help you to meet the needs of your tenants, by assessing, drawing up plans and making recommendations for adaptations.

Home Improvement Agencies (HIAs) : We work with HIAs to carry out assessments, make recommendations for adaptations on behalf of your clients.

Care Homes : We can offer a range of services to Care Homes, see our Care Homes page for more details.

Businesses : We have worked with a number of businesses, carrying out workplace assessments of individual employees, as well as workstation assessments for a group of workers. We also can carry out an Access Audits for businesses that offer services to the public. See our Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) page for more on these services.

Educational Establishments : We can help you to meet the needs of disabled students. For more details see our DDA page.