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Services to Care Homes

Care Standard 22.1 states:

"The registered person demonstrates that an assessment of the premises and facilities has been made by suitably qualified persons, including a qualified Occupational Therapist, with specialist knowledge of the client groups catered for, and provides evidence that the recommended disability equipment has been secured or provided and environmental adaptations made to meet the needs of service users"

CSCI National Minimum standards, Care Homes for Older People.

As a manager or owner of a care home, you may be unsure how to access the services of an Occupational Therapist (O.T), for standard 22 assessments or other services. Few care homes are able to employ an O.T permanently, but still occasionally require their services.

We offer a range of services to Care Homes.

  • Care Standard 22 assessments. These involve a site visit, followed by a detailed report with suggestions and recommendations for action, as well as a useful appendix of contacts for suppliers of equipment and/or other information to help you to meet Standard 22 of the National Minimum Standards.
  • Assessments of individual service users' needs. For example regarding seating, beds, bathing and toileting equipment.
  • General advice and recommendations on access issues, adaptations and equipment.
  • Activity provision support. We can help you to set up and maintain activity programmes to meet the needs of your service users, through training and/or supervision of your staff

We are happy to provide any or all of the above services to you. We can offer ongoing support, or one off input, to meet your requirements.

Useful Links:      The official site of CSCI, the Commission for Social Care Inspection.

You can access information about care homes, get advice and information as a service provider and download the national minimum standards.