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Occupational Therapy Services

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Why Us?

Although Health and Social Services offer Occupational Therapy (O.T.) services to individual clients, there are several reasons that you might use an independent O.T.

Reduced waiting time for assessment

Local statutory services are under pressure, and waiting times for assessments can be many months.
At Brighton Able we deal quickly with referrals, aiming to see people within 2 weeks.

Reduced wait for adaptations

The waiting time for major adaptations can also be long. However many local district councils will accept an assessment and recommendation for an adaptation by an independent O.T. The client will still be able to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) to pay for the works.
This should considerably speed up the adaptations process

Value and control

Even if a major adaptation is identified by Social Services as needed, a person may not be eligible for a DFG, so will have to pay the full cost of the work, because of their financial circumstances. If this is likely to be the case, a person might choose to organise the work themselves. They can then have much more say in the way the adaptation looks, materials and appliances used etc. without necessarily costing more money. We can help specify for these works and oversee them.


Some local authorities have changed eligibility criteria for an O.T. Assessment. This could mean that some people with a "moderate difficulty" (such as a difficulty with bathing) are no longer being assessed.
As independent O.T.s we can assess people who fall into this category, and offer advice on equipment or adaptations.

Informed Choice

The range of equipment that is available from statutory services may be rather limited.
On the other hand, the range of products available to buy is huge and can be overwhelming.
We can offer impartial advice on purchasing equipment to best meet your needs.